The Future of Smartphones

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In the last five years smartphones have grown astronomically. With new technology came smaller, thinner and more advanced cell phones than ever before. Most of us can still remember our first cell phone being a big, bulky block of a phone that could only make phone calls, and even that wasn’t guaranteed every time.

Now we have cell phones that can fit into our back pocket and has as much capability as a computer. Society has increasingly wanted more and more information at our fingertips and the internet is no shortage of information. Now that smartphones has access to the internet, we are practically glued to our phones. According to Herr Hansa of, “We now have access to more information in the last three decades than has been accessible in the previous 5000 years.” Imagine what the next thirty years will be like if we have as much growth as we did in the previous ones.

Advancements continue to be tested and made into the newest smartphone available. Inventors are pushing the boundaries on the technology we currently have and are always looking to the future. There have been attempts to create a smartphone with a projector, but that hasn’t yet been perfected. Other attempts to create futuristic smartphones continue to be tested.

Some people even argue that the smartphone will do away with the standard computer because it will no longer be necessary. If this were to be true then all we would need is cable hookups to a printer or TV and bam you have access. But what if we took it a step further, what if everything within our home could be done wirelessly through our smartphone? Sounds futuristic, but think about it. We can already control home security systems, wireless printers, TV recordings and others via our smartphone.

Perhaps one day our smartphones will be programmed to our likes, instead of us programming them to ours. As if once the smartphones is in the hands of the new owner it will know our preferences on things and we can just tell it what we want it to do. For example, right now we have to input data into apps to track our daily calories, favorite music or alarm clock settings. But what if we no longer had to do that, what if our smartphone knew for us?

You may say this sounds crazy, scary or even invasive. Now look at your smartphone and look at your friends. They are nothing alike are they? We customize them to our likes and dislikes already. The only difference for the future would be it knows for us, so we don’t have to download things constantly or continue entering in information for the apps to work. It gives a whole new definition the word smartphone.

Take a look at a video Microsoft created in November 2011. That was just a year ago and we’ve already made progress on the advancements predicted.

Maybe the Jetson’s aren’t so far away after all. We’re gaining new technology every day, so what will your future smartphone be capable of?

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