How Smartphone Apps Change our Social Lives

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The explosion of the iPhone and smartphone apps has made a dramatic impact on our social lives. I bet most of you don’t even realize just how much it has changed your social life. I’m not here to tell you how terrible this new found technology can be or to judge anyone due to their choice in social media. I’m simply making the comparison of then verses now. We all know technology has been making leaps and bounds in the digital world, but how many of you think your social life has increase due to this phenomenon? It has now become a norm to have your phone attached to you at all times, but how many of you actually enjoy talking on the phone all the time?
Most people have begun to talk less and text more. In many ways, texting makes it much easier to keep in touch. You can have a texting conversation with as many people as you want at any one time. Whereas talking on a cell phone requires us to give our full attention to that one person. Yes, it is a more personal experience overall, but what if you could actually see who you’re talking to? Now you can, with the invention of Face Time we now have the ability to visually see who we’re talking to. Just a decade ago, the idea of Face Time seemed so foreign. Some might even say futuristic, but for the newer generations it is just the new norm. We’re beginning to change the way we communicate to one another.

Now how many of you have a Facebook or Twitter account? My guess is most of you. In case you’re not the talker type, just get online and snoop on your friends and family. It’s not weird. It’s just Facebook-ing or tweeting. We’re all guilty of it at some point. It’s an easier way for people to get to know you without having to put as much effort into it. You just click on the info tab and bam, there’s everything from their birthdate to their favorite hobbies without ever having to ask. And let’s not forget how easy it is to see someone’s personality through the photos they post on their profiles. New friends are made; relationships started; or even lost family is found all with the click of a button. With the use of social sites such as these, we can now keep in touch with people from all around the world. Plus there’s an app for Facebook and Twitter on both the iPhone and smartphone, so it can travel with you anywhere at any time.

If this hasn’t got you thinking by now, let’s get a little more personal. How many of you have a personal profile on a dating website? So many people, whether they admit it or not, have or have had a profile on a dating website. With the increasing number of apps that can be downloaded onto your iPhone or smartphone, you can now set up a date with someone you’ve never even met before and still feel safe knowing they’ve gone through an entire background check to make sure they are “matched” for you. Americans are notoriously known for being very busy people, so we welcome all the help we can get when it comes to the dating world. Even if that means it comes straight from an app on our phone.

Our social lives are continuing to expand with the help of social media outlets and the increase in technology combined. In many ways we are moving forward. We’ve just found new ways to communicate with each other on a daily basis.

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