Atiba Mobile Launches New To Go Order iPhone App

By atiba|December 04th, 2012|Smartphones|No Comments

Great apps allow users to do one or two primary things: one – do every day tasks quicker, easier and more efficient than ever before, thus saving time and making life easier; or two – entertain us via games, movies, interactive content or news updates. Both are extremely valid and worthy of conception, design and development. Recently, the Atiba Mobile team was privileged enough to work on “the first kind” of app – this time for the iPhone.

We were hired by to build their platform for the iPhone. was founded in 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee with a clear objective: to make it easier to find and order your favorite takeout food. Maybe you need to quickly order lunch for an office meeting. Maybe you need to pick up dinner on the way home. Maybe you just don’t want to wait in line at your favorite restaurant. Screen shots of the app are below. We encourage you to download it in the app store, try it and submit reviews/customer feedback via the app store.

For more examples of our work, check out our Mobile Solutions page.


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